1. Why Provider Panel?

A very large number of practitioners have already begun a mass migration to telepractice. Any Google search will show hundreds of thousands of websites listed with keywords such as “online therapy”, “online counseling”, “etherapy”, “internet therapy,” etc. It is apparent to many providers that the care an expense of an in-person practice is unneeded when viable treatment models exist online, where expenses are minimal.

Simultaneously, many behavioral and mental health employers are viewing the Internet as an opportunity to serve more consumers, but can’t find verified and competent professionals. While a Google search can indeed yields hundreds of thousands of professionals, there’s no way to know which professionals have completed even the most basic of training.

Verifying credentials is difficult, if not impossible in large numbers.

In many cases, both providers and employers have very few trusted, professional venues to find each other quickly, easily and affordably. Join us to have your profile shared responsibly. When you complete your detailed profile, the search engines won’t access your information. Our pages are protected by a security layer that will prevent keep your information private.

2. Who are the employers who are looking for behavioral and telemental health providers?

Employers range from hospitals, clinics, primary care physician offices, other medical groups, community clinics, nursing homes, correctional facilities, small specialty or rural hospitals, schools, online companies and more.

3. How does Provider Panel work?

On one hand, all licensed or otherwise credentialed providers are invited to register with Provider Panel if they are available for services that fall within the following areas: telemental health, behavioral telehealth, online therapy, distance counseling, behavioral analysis, coaching, telenursing, telehome health, telepsychology or telepsychiatry. On the other hand, employers who seek such providers search our database to locate licensed or otherwise credentialed professionals by any of over 60 data points, such as gender, discipline, geographic location, technology used, states of licensure, specialties, level of telepractice training, experience, etc.

4. How do providers get listed for employment the searchable Provider Panel database?

You are invited to complete an extensive credentials page, which is stored in our secured website. It is secured as part of our database, accessible to eligible employers. You can feel secure in listing the details of your training, credentialing and specialties because of the integrity of our systems. The more information you provide, the more easily an employer can find you when they are looking for a very specific type of provider to deliver care to their populations.

5. What do employers have to gain by searching the Provider Panel database?

We offer employers a one-stop website to identify and engage with trained professionals who are ready, willing and able to start work immediately their specific disciplines. Our Provider Panel is unique in that we are the only large database of such providers in the United States. Furthermore, we have the ability to verify and identify which providers have met the criteria established as needed for competence in the delivery of telepractice-based services. Provider Panel therefore allows such employers to quickly and easily find large numbers of professionals who have not only expressed an interest in working via technology, but in many cases, have demonstrated their competence.

6. Why would an employer trust the information listed on a provider’s profile?

We only make providers’ profiles visible to employers after we verify practitioner licensure with all named licensing boards or other credentialing bodies listed in a registrant’s profile. This verification process is initially conducted within 7 days of the registration of a profile, and thereafter on a quarterly basis. With this level of routine verification, our reputable employer groups can be assured that the providers in our database are not only currently licensed or otherwise properly credentialed, but also free of all the other problems that active licensure can assure, such as being free of recent criminal convictions. In the case of providers who are not licensed, attestation is used on a quarterly basis to verify eligibility and fitness for service. Furthermore, clinical competence in telepractice is verified by requiring proof of training in telepractice as demonstrated by course completion certificates issued by CEU or CME granting institutions that are verified by Provider Panel. Once the verification process is completed, Provider Panel makes the provider profile eligible for searching by our employer groups.

7. How do employers find Provider Panel?

Extensive networking by the founders and advisors of Provider Panel for almost two decades has fostered the development of a rich and varied array of employer groups who not only seek, but in many cases, need reliable, skilled providers who have been verified by a reputable group.

As the developer of Provider Panel and other respected services online, the TeleMental Health Institute has engendered the trust and respect of professionals worldwide. Many employers then, share in the vision of Provider Panel. They share an interest in making this win-win project prosper for all involved. Join us today and sign up for your profile below.